Premium membership

What is this?

Premium (paid) members has access to priority queue for upscaling.
They will get daily amount of upscaler credits, 1 credit = 1 file to upscale in a priority queue. The Premium members are getting 10 credits per premium level per day.

1 premium level = 1EUR / month subscription, there are available 4 different levels: 2,5,10,25 , it means you can get 20 upscaler credits daily / 2EUR, 50 upscaler credits daily / 5EUR and so on.

Premium users can bulk upload 50 files, instead of 20, however, they then hit the default limit of max 40 uploaded files, but it's OK :)

Premium user benefits in a nutshell

Upscaler2x Public servers
4xNVIDIA Tesla T4
Private, dedicated
scalable upscaler
server farm
priority queue
25 at once60 at once
Max upscale
10 Mpix12 Mpix

Will it affect the non-premium users?

Not at all! However, the non-premium users should wait longer for their files processing, but not longer as "before". Premium users simply get their own upscaler server(s) which will be accessible only for them.

Does it means, that the premium member upscaler tasks will be finished immediately?

Not really. But it will be much faster than without premium. Usually within few minutes, if the queue will be longer for longer period of time, we will add more upscaler servers.

How can I get my premium membership?

If you decide to be a premium member, you will sponsor our servers on a monthly basis. Here are the steps to apply, please remember, this is a manual process, not automated:

    Select one of the desired membership plans, and join it (pay). Please remember the email address you've entered here, I recommend you to register to BuyMeaCoffee.com before applying the membership for dgb.lol!
    Once it's done, you will need to join our DISCORD group, and contact the Tom (Admin) user - this is me :) I am online and active most of the time, so this won't take a long time!
    The manual process is requierd, for 2 things: 1) Get your Discord username, 2) get your e-mail address, and your account name on dgb.lol
    You will also get a sponsor level on Discord group
    Once this is done, you are a new Premium member of dgb.lol :)

How can I cancel the membership, if I will decide, that this is not what I want?

Open the Buy Me a Coffee's website, and follow the arrows on as it's described on the picture below:
Please note: Once you've cancelled your membership, you won't get new daily upscaler credits!

When I will get my new daily upscaler credits?

They are being autmatically credited to your account, around 00:07 Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4) - New York timezone.

How can I check my credits?

They are visible on the dgb.lol website in your new Premium avatar:
In my case it's 119 credits.

Will I lose my cumulated credits once I cancel my membersip?

Nope, they will remain,but the star won't appear next to your avatar, and they won't be added to your balance anymore

How can I use these credits?

When you have open the AI Image upscaler, or Midjourney splitter, you will see it above the upscaler model selection part:
priority selection
Once this checkbox is checked, this task will be a priority task, and completed with less waiting than a non-priority tasks.

Also, you will see the priority tasks in the "My Files" section:
priority my files
If you cancel this task before it finishes, you will get your credits back.




You will need to reload the page for new settings (upscaler model and alert sound) to take effect.

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