Frequently Asked Questions:

I own the rights for the input (original) image, can I resell the upscaled/converted images as well?

Yes, absolutely!

You are still the owner of the converted/upscaled/modified file, do whatever you want with it :)

How much I should pay for using

It's completely free!

It will stay free forever

How much I need to wait until my image is being processed

Well, it depends on the queue size and number of images submitted before you. Usually it takes not longer than 20-30 minutes, sometimes it's almost in real time. But sometimes we have peaks when users are back home from work and then it could take more than a hour. It's just temporary, the average waiting time is somewhere around 18-24 minutes.

Can I skip the queue, or make it faster?

No, we are using the fair-play system and no advantages are given to the particular users, not even for payments (that we are not asking from you / payments or credits are not allowed on this website).
However, there is one new option for "skipping" the queue, by joining our Premium members group and use a dedicated server which will upscale your files much quicker!

I've made a mistake, uploaded a wrong image

No worries, from the "My Files" section you can use the "trash bin" icon for your selected file and it will be removed from the queue.

Should I stay online on the website during the upscaling process?

Nope, everything is happening on our servers, you don't need to stay online

How long are kept my upscaled files on the server?

From the moment of their upload, they will be available for the next 24 hours. Please understand that our servers has limited disk capacity and we cannot hold your files longer than 24 hours.

Can someone else see or stole my images?

Absolutely not! They are protected by cryptographic security measures and only you can see them, these upscaled files are even not visible for the site administrators. But once you give the link to someone, they will be able to download these files as well.

I've submitted an image, but it's not showing up in the queue

You probably got an alert message about the probable reason, the most frequent reasons are:

  • Using proxy, VPN, tor
  • Your IP address had a suspicious history (contact me on Discord)
  • Your country is a sponsor of terrorism ( I hate politics, but I also hate to see people suffer and having fear in their eyes, so I will not help you with that).
  • You are using multiple browsers/tabs - which is not good
  • You probably reached the unfinished files limit (20) - wait for a while until they have been processed. this is our fair use policy rule.

I have turned off the VPN and the adblocker, but still, no success, the images are not being processed.
Alternatively - I cannot see my account avatar on the top - right corner of the website (same symptoms)

It seems like you have your tracking/privacy mode turned on a strict level, follow these instractions to sort it out:


  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click More More and then Settings.
  • Click Privacy and security and then Cookies and other site data.
  • Turn Send a "Do not track" request with your browsing traffic off.
  • Reload the website and that's it!


  • Open the main menu (three lines) and select Options (or Preferences)
  • Select Privacy & Security
  • Find the Tracking Protection section
  • Disable the Send websites a "Do Not Track" signal .
  • Reload the website and that's it!


  • Open the main menu and select Settings
  • SSelect Privacy and security
  • Disable the Send a "Do Not Track" request with your browsing traffic option
  • Reload the website and that's it!

How long is the current waiting time for the queues?

Go to the TOOLS menu, you can see the current aproximate queue waiting time for the particular tool you want to use. Please note, this time is an approximate calculation, it slightly also depends on the submitted images type , format, dimensions and their size.

Can I get more information about the particular tool?

By opening the desired tool page, you will see a quesion mark right next to the tool's title. By clicking on that quesion mark, you will see more detailed information about the step-by-step usage, probably some examples, and some other questions answered, sometimes also posting some theory you may find useful.

How can I contact you?

Click to the Contact link on the side menu, or click on THIS link.

How many DPI has the upscaled image? What will be the output file extension

There are 2 cases to estimate it:

  • If your input image is a transparent png, the result image will be 300 DPI, transparent png file
  • If your input image is a non-transparent png or jpg/jpeg, the result image will be 300 DPI, jpg file.

I've submitted a file and it ends with an ERROR status

You have 2 options:

  • Try again, maybe it's a server hiccup - sometimes it happens, however I am doing a huge effort to eliminate these hiccups
  • Remember the task # (the first number in the My Files table for the particular file/row - send it to me on Discord as a private message, I will check it - it may be helpful for me to analyse if every bug is killed on my side :)




You will need to reload the page for new settings (upscaler model and alert sound) to take effect.

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