Got blocked?

Why I can't use DGB.LOL tools?

The most common reason is, that you are using Proxy, VPN, Tor , Relay or hosting services to access the DGB.LOL's website, which is strictly prohibited!
I really appreciate the fair users and I am open for their suggestions, or just a small chat about everything on the Discord channel.
On the other hand, I really hate when someone tries to cheat the system, or take some advantages by acting unfair, however it's probable, that you are using these services accidentally, or just for other purpose..

To try to debug or detect, if you are using one of the mentioned services, you can follow our Discord 7YES checks:

    The 7 yesses checklist to be able to use the
You should answer YES to all of them, before asking me on a chat why you can't upscale:

Checklist before I will answer you why you can't upscale or do something else on

1) Do you have turned off your VPN / Tor / Proxy and reloaded the page TWICE?

2) Are you using only one device at the same time with only one tab? (Yes it's important)

3) Do you have your adblocker turned off / or a premium user?

4) DO you have turned off the "Do Not Track" ? Check here how to do it: ->

5) Are you from country that does NOT supports terrorsism?

6) Are you using Brave without sheidls, firefox with lower security, or Chrome with disabled extensions?

7) You are NOT using safari, IE , Edge, or some other browser that it's stated on 6) ?

Bonus checks:

1) are you using filenames only with A-Z a-z 0-9?  You can also use safely underscores. Everything else, specially quotation marks, apostrophes and chimese/non latinic caracters are bad and risky. Also using dots in the filename (except the extension) is bad. 

2) If you are a Windows user, try to reload the browser with Ctrl+F5 , if still nothing, restart the computer/laptop

If you answered 7x YES above and still unable to use our tools, please keep reading...

On February first 2024, the DGB.LOL website experienced a third (unsuccessful) DDOS and hacker attack. I've (admin) spent the last 36 sleepless hours to detect the source of these attacks and possible leaks.
Nothing was stolen, no harm was caused, except 2-3 hours of downtime on
I've successfully detected and reverse engineered the sources of the attacks, which were 3 particular countries: India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.
I've had with these exact countries some troubles before as well, with various severities, some of them even tried to sell my free services on Fiverr. Some slight actions were taken then, and now, much more strict actions were taken. I've simply blocked all of these countries as I am tired of handling these unfair actions individually.
The list of the blocked countries and the reason:

  • Russia (terrorist country)
  • Belarus (supports terrorist country)
  • Iran (terrorist country)
  • Lebanon (supports terrorist country)
  • Palestine (supports terrorist country)
  • India (unfair user behavior and scam / hack attempts multiple times)
  • Bangladesh (unfair user behavior and scam / hack attempts multiple times)
  • Indonesia (unfair user behavior and scam / hack attempts multiple times)
  • Zong Pakistan (Shady activities of their users)


I feel truly sorry for the fair users from these countries mentioned above!
You will be restricted as well as a part of the country ban, just beause of the unfair behavior of your unfair citizens. There is nothing to do, do not even try to use VPN, it won't help you. Only thing you can do is to use some other website and from time to time check back, if there is less strict rules applied in the future.




You will need to reload the page for new settings (upscaler model and alert sound) to take effect.

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