How to create a "Spot the Difference" type images for KDP books (the guide)

Published: 28.08.2023 - Tom

First, let me explain, what the KDP stands for...

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) - the Amazon's exceptional self-publishing platform. It's a remarkable tool that empowers authors like you to share your literary creations with a worldwide audience. Through KDP, transforming your manuscripts into digital books and putting them up for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store becomes a breeze. This platform is all about leveling the playing field, ensuring you keep the reins of creativity and a more substantial slice of the pie with royalties, all while connecting with millions of readers across the globe. KDP has truly redefined the world of publishing by simplifying and making it rewarding for authors to directly share their stories, insights, and expertise with readers, adding richness to the tapestry of literature. In short, you can publish your digital books, and Amazon will offer them in their marketplace, where you get a revenue share for each sale of your books. So you will publish your e-book once, and get profit every time it's been sold on the Amazon KDP platform. Amazon has millions of daily visitors, so your potential for selling is huge, but also your competitors number is large. It means, you should create less, but higher quality content (books). Ok, I see, what you are asking in your head - "But I am not a writer".. No problem my friend, I am here to help you with that as well.. Continue reading and you will see that you are almost a writer :)

A bit more theory, and why everyone could be a "writer" on KDP

If you think, that the KDP is full of written books, love sotries, cooking books, detective books, you are wrong! There is a huge piece on the KDP's marketplace, which contains "books" as Coloring boks, Puzzle books, Crosswords, Word search books, Sudokus, Spot the Difference books, etc etc... Even there are low-content books for diaries with absolutely no content, but a beautiful cover, and empty - lined pages.. Even if you are not a born professional writer, now you see, that you can also create "content" withou t writing a single word. In this article, I will focus to the "Spot the difference" content.

Spot the Difference - what is it?

I am pretty sure, that you've met with this "game" before. You have two seemingly identical images, where are few differences. With my help / hint, you will be able to create books like this within few hours and get money from their sales forever!

Got your point, what will I need for that?

You will need three things, one paid, one free, and one expensive:

  • The paid thing is a Midjourney account with paid membership - this is a requirement for commercial use of the generated images!
  • The expensive thing is your time. You will need few hours, and patience to succeed
  • The free tool, which is optional but I recommend to use it in the later phase, is Canva. You can also use some similar software, but believe me, Canva is a time saver!

OK Let's jump in!

First, open a Discord where you have access to the Midjourney's

First, you will need tu turn on the remix mode, by typing /settings and press Enter (2x). Ensure, that the Remix mode is turned on (green) as it in the following picture:
spot the difference - turn on the remix mode
You will need to do a prompt , which will generate some detailed image , with lots of details, ideally some illustration, but it's not a requirement, but it looks prettier... So let's say, we will create a prompt:
/imagine a whimsical living room with a bookshelf, illustration --s 900 --ar 16:9

OK now a little explanation: the --ar 16:9 means the aspect ratio, the --s 900 is for stylization depth, in my opinion, higher stylization, more details, which you actually want here..

This prompt, will hopefuly generate 4 images, from where you will select one, and click the U[X] , where X is 1,2,3 or 4, the position of the image.
The result image will be something like this, but it depends on your imagination and creativity of the promots..
spot the difference - initial image
After upscaling the image with U[X] button, and remix mode turned on, you will click on the Vary (region) as it's shown in the following picture:
spot the difference - vary region - Midjourney
New modal window will open in the Discord tab, where you can use the new Midjourney function for varying specific parts of the image.
Here, modify as many smaller regions, as many differences you want to generate. You got the point?? :) Here is how I did it:
spot the difference - Region manipulation
Check these "check-pattern" like areas, these will be modified.. Here I would recommend to change (mark) whole object as books, or smaller details to make it harder for the end-uses... Once you satisfied, just press the confirm button on the bottom of the Discord's modal:
spot the difference - Region confirmation
In this part, I don't recommend the prompt modification, however, you still can slightly modify it..
After this confirmation, and a bit of waiting, new 4 images will show up, open them in the new browser tab, check their details, and upscale the one, which you think fits the best.. In my case it was (at the bottom the original image for the easier checking):
spot the difference - New image for Spot the difference spot the difference - initial image once again

Cool, so I have the content, how to create a book?

You should do at least 35-40 of these images to get a book. The creation of a KDP book is a bit time consuming (I've warned you about the time and the patience) , but it worth, if you are able to create a valuable content!
Here is the video, that creates a coloring book, but it's the same as for the "Spot the Difference", I think this video explains the best how to do that:
I hope this helps! :) Feel free to ask or brag on our Discord page :)




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